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Company Profile

Centromedia is a dynamic and qualified company composed by true professionals who operate in the ICT (Information & Communication Technology) field, realizing technological solutions to the vanguard for the enterprises.

Founded in Viareggio in 1996, we had a constant increase that has concurred the widening of the structure with the opening of two new centers: to Viareggio (Italy) in 2000 and Germany in 2001.


Headquarter from year 2000 to beginning 2004

Specialized in computer science, it completes the offer to the own clients with:

  • Computer science advising
  • Optical Recording
  • Silkscreen printing
  • Typographical press

Foto Giulio

Giulio Straccia
Frankfurt, Fair of the Book, 1997
Giulio Straccia is the founder and general manager of Centromedia, a company which activity turned to the publishing and computer science field with professional instruments and to the vanguard. He introduces in such activity methods of flexibility and optimization of work flows acquired from the previous professional experiences. Thanks to its managerial ability and great practical experience he has obtained the confidence and the concession of jobs from part of many projects of the European Community and Italian Government Agencies.

Giulio Straccia has faced computer science and the programming of the computers since from the tender age of 7 years. At 14 years he already collaborated with the writing of the nationwide swiss review "TI-MAGAZIN" (review of Texas Instruments Inc.) and the swiss company Fortronics AG.

Finished the studies in Switzerland and obtained also the Italian diploma in informatics (Industrial Technical State Institute) he has known to continue the computer science research widening its experience to all the field of the publishing trade and the press.

Unlike other companies born from the boom of the new economy, without to know to offer Quality, the professionals of Centromedia enjoy the guide of a person highly characterized, that has put in front the practical experience to the theoretical one: from the mnemonic programming in Assembler, from the assemblage of electronic components (analogical, digital and of power), from the control of industrial assembly lines in fiber optics until the mixing of the 4 jars of colors of the typographical press.

In fact "Centromedia knows exactly what professionals want and how to serve them."

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