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The most important function of the net is to construct, to develop, to manage relations. To conquer the confidence of a customer, to construct a durable relationship in the time, it's enormously more important to realize one single sale instead to attract indiscriminate crowds of distracted visitors on the own website.


CNR of Pisa Italian National Research Council Italy
ISTI of Pisa Science Institute and Technologies of the Information Italy
CNUCE National University Computing Centre Italy
ERCIM European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics European Union
ECSC EC EAEC IST Information Society Technologies European Union
Cyber-Horse National Italian leader for game consoles Italy
UKOLN University of Bath United Kingdom
CCHU Computer Center of Humboldt University Germany

Third Party Portfolio

Editore Calligraph Italy
Regnum Christi Italy
Mondadori Editore Italy
Giunti Gruppo Editoriale Italy
Le Monnier Italy
Il Mulino Italy
Pàtron Italy

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Analyzing between the various solutions that Centromedia has realized, you will be able to comprise the reason that has pushed numerous companies to having an image of prestige in the world of the new economy.

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DLibCenter Digital Library Competence Center, IST Project European Union
ETRDL ERCIM Technical Reference Digital Library Italy
ECDL Conf. Europea sulle Librerie Digitali, IST Project European Union
CLEF Cross Language Evaluation Forum, IST Project European Union
OAF Open Archives Forum, IST Project European Union
Delos Network of Excellence on Digital Libraries, IST Project European Union

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