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Falcon 4 Utility

Falcon 4 Utility by Centromedia works with Microprose/MacSoft Falcon 4 for Macintosh. F4U is a FREE application that is used to consolidate programs made by third parties and includes the latest patch 1.06d available that adds other features to Falcon 4. With F4U ACMI (Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation) now works again! F4U also adds other files to make Falcon 4.06d more stable. To ensure most stable solution you need to update Falcon 4 at first to v.1.06c! If you need to, you can download the 1.06c patch from Infogrames.

<bgsound src="../../audiovideo/kombat.mid.mid">

Main Features:

  • Falcon 4.0 Patch update to 1.06d version.
  • Extended Joystick support and more InputSprocket settings.
  • Joystick calibration.
  • Better memory handling for Falcon 4: F4U purges and compacts the System Software memory. You have now more free memory.
  • Software update engine: check online for updated Falcon 4 tools.
  • F4U works with multiple partitions and multiple F4U versions.
  • MacOS X compatibility.
  • Falcon 4 Tutorial.
  • Falcon 4 Key Guide.


  • Free for any non-commercial use.

System Requirements

  • Apple MacOS 8.1 - 9.2
  • Apple MacOS 9.2 - 10.1 (Carbon)
  • Falcon 4 v.1.06c


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Falcon 4 ScreenSaver

This is a Falcon 4 Flight Simulator based screensaver that has really cool images.

Falcon 4 screensaver



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